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Apart from remaining environmentally vigilant we also focus on taking-up social-environmental causes that elevate the standard of living in the surrounding areas of mines. These are the few noteworthy measures that we have taken in recent years to improve the quality of life.

Provision of a drainage system to adjoining Kariganur village

An urban sanitary drainage system was made for the inhabitants of the village of Kariganur, which helped them avoid water-borne diseases. This benefitted over 30,000 people of the area.

Donation of land for a playground for the school children at Sankalpuram village

Every child needs a playground to play, grow and bond with their fellow classmates. Our team recognized a dearth of an area for a playground and urged the management to donate land to provide the children. RBSSN graciously agreed and provided a large chunk of land for the kids to play in.

The mid meals scheme

We support and donate on a regular basis for Mid-day meals scheme under Akshayapatrathat benefit 2000 children per day in surrounding villages, such as kariganur, Sanklapur, Jambunatha Halli, Banahatti.

The Free Eye and Dental Camp

RBSSN being a Socially Responsible company conducts a free Eye and dental Camp in surrounding villages every five years and provides ophthalmic treatment and dental treatment to thousands of villagers in and around the area.

The Construction and Maintenance of Toilets

RBSSN has been actively contributing towards the 'Swatch Bharath' initiative. In this spirit, RBSSN undertook cleanliness drive and constructed toilets blocks for girls and women at Kariganur and Sankalapuram.

Distribution of Sewing Machines

As a part of the women empowerment drive, RBSSN distributed sewing machines to women of the less fortunate families from Sankalapuram. The primary objective of the distributing sewing machine is to provide women an opportunity to be self-employed and supplement the family income.

Donation of Laser Machine for Eye Operation

Lighting up the world for someone in darkness is a meritorious act and through this CSR program of donating laser machine for eye operation to Netra Lakshmi Hospital for helping needy patients to undergo cataract surgery.

The Provision of Books in Schools and Construction of Classrooms

RBSSN helped to improve learning standards by supporting Little Flower School in developing their facilities through the construction of classrooms, administration blocks and participation in the provisioning of books.

Mass Marriage Donations

In the Indian tradition, a wedding is a celebration of one of life’s most important chapters. For those who cannot afford the costs associated with this ceremony, RBSSN sponsors hundreds of couples to come together for this singular event at Hagaribommanahalli (a local village) on an annual basis.

Provision of Wheelchairs

RBSSN continues to provide wheelchairs to the disabled members of Hospet, a way to actively participate and make a difference in their lives and to society.

Construction of Road in Hospet, India

RBSSN overall business behavior is socially responsible and deeply committed to preserving and promoting human and social values. RBSSN constructed roads in Hospet City, while executing the Road Construction, we try to save the trees to the extent possible and try to transplant the trees, in the nearby area.

The Construction of a Library in Hospet, India

Just like urban residents, rural citizens also want educational, cultural, and technological resources delivered in an affordable manner appropriate to their locale. In the same spirit, RBSSN constructed a library, to provide local kids with an opportunity to educate themselves with books from around the world.

The Construction of a Meditation Center in Hospet, India

Mediation is a practice that should be a part of everyone's routine, a place to practice such an ancient art is sacred and needs to be well constructed. Thus, RBSSN constructed meditation center in Hospet which provided a place for all age groups to meditate in a peaceful environment.

Provided R.O.Water Plant to Govt. Higher Primary School, Kariganur
Provided Fencing and Play equipment to Children’s Park located in Hosapete.
We have distributed 5500 safety masks to the local community and CORONA warriors.
After the outbreak of COVID-19, we have distributed 900 Nos.of food packets to the dailywage earners, wherein each food packet can sustain a family for one week.
Provided Ground Water supply to Government Higher Primary School in Ballari. (District Headquarters).

We know and understand that you need to voice your concerns, that is why we have formed a Grievance Redressal Committee [GRC]. The GRC will listen to all the issues you have pertaining to RBSSN and its operations. We will try our best to help you. You can email the GRC at grievancehelplinerbssn@gmail.com. You can also call us at +919900558010 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The members of the GRC:

Sl.no Name Designation Email
1 Mr.S K Swamy CGM office@rbssn.com
2 Mr. S.V. Joshi Manager grievancehelplinerbssn@gmail.com
3 Ms.Akshaya Saraf Director of Operations akshayasaraf@rbssn.com