We have also established a Brick making unit at the base of our Beneficiation unit. Here we use the waste mud from the BNF plant, along with fly ash and make COMPRESSED STABILIZED BLOCKS. The Brick unit has three plants and two proposed plants, where we use the waste produced by our main plant and create products like bricks, blocks and pavers. We sell the afore mentioned products under the brand name DSG Bricks.
The unit spans into an area of 5 Acres, and the sheds of the plants are all made of recycled material. Each unit’s power requirement is sourced through3 Phase, 433V existing Power Supply already available to us through GESCOM. The project provides employment to about 95 people and produces a range of products with no environmental damage as the plant does not produce any waste or pollution.
We have forayed into this area to establish ourselves as reliable and all-rounder suppliers for every construction project whilst maintaining our ‘zero waste’ and ‘No environmental damage’ policies.

In the Brick Manufacturing Unit:

We have implemented the ‘Zero-Waste’ concept in the BMU, where we use the waste from our BNF plant to alternate building products. The building blocks are produced using Eco-friendly technology, with natural curing, without any furnace-firing. Hence the Bricks are GREEN products.Also like all our other units, BMU has numerous trees surrounding it, we have planted 300 additional trees to promote afforestation. Any wildlife that enters the plant area is respected and duly released back into the wild.