Our Environment

Here at RBSSN, we try to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of our current & future generations. We are proud to say that we plant more than 15,000 tree saplings in and around all our units to aid the afforestation movement. We have an in-house nursery where we grow about 5000 tree saplings annually. We also believe in the power of recycling, we teach our employees the practice of waste segregation, help them reuse& recycle paper, plastic, etc. We believe in the philosophy - ' Caring for the environment is as important as caring for ourselves'.

In the Mine

The Sankalapuram Iron Ore Mine is located on nonforest revenue land which makes our mines an eco-friendly enterprise.

The dead dumps in the mine have been stabilized by terracing, making contour trenches, covering them with a geotextile lining, and planting suitable seedlings and saplings on them. Garland drains at the foot of dumps were also made to contain wash off during monsoons. This wash off from the dump is minimal, as the dumps are thickly vegetated with tree plantations.

Construction of retaining walls at the foot of the dumps has also been implemented. The retaining walls are regularly maintained and extended when needed. Check dams, gully plugs, garland drains, and settling ponds have all been made in the lease area to contain mine wash-off. Post-monsoon season, desilting operations are also undertaken. Reforestation is taken up every year in a systematic manner. Approximately 5500-6000 tree saplings are planted every year to increase the green cover in the mine.

In the Beneficiation Plant

The areas around the loading and unloading zones of the beneficiated ore are sprinkled with water jets to reduce any fugitive emissions.

The waste from the beneficiation process is called tailings. After dewatering, the tailings are allowed to dry in the tailing ponds. Then the tailings are stacked in a designated area. The tailing dumps have been stabilized with geotextile lining. In our efforts to utilize the tailings as a value-added product we have found cement plants which use tailings in their manufacturing process. The vehicles used to transport the beneficiated ore from the mineral dispatch area are covered with tarpaulin cloth to further reduce pollution.

RBSSN has formed a Sustainable Development Unit [SDU] in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Fund goals of the company which includes CSR, environmental protection measures and employee well being. The following are the primary members of the SDU and are available to address any of your questions and concerns.

Sl.no Name Designation Email Phone Number/Ext
1 Mr. P. Sitaramaiah Technical Director office@rbssn.com 08394-266011/261
2 Mr. S.K.Swamy CGM skswamy@rbssn.com 08394-266011/223