Iron Ore

The Sankalapuram Iron Ore Mine

Our Sankalapuram iron ore mine is located in the Hospet sector in Karnataka State, India. The rarely occurring, rich mineralogy in our mine has enabled us to supply high-density metallic ore, which has applications in the construction of nuclear power plants. We have been supplying nuclear power plants in India since 2002, directly contributing to the nation-building process.

Our mine was chosen as the “representative mine” in the Reclamation and Rehabilitation Plan prepared by ICFRE (Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education). We also have an in-house workshop that keeps all our processes running smoothly and can give instant attention to any malfunctioning equipment or machinery.

The Iron Ore

Beneficiation Plant

For over 50 years our mines generated sub-grade iron ore. This type of iron ore has a high silica and alumina content, which makes it unusable in sponge iron and steel plants. Most of the surrounding mines in the area had similar quantities of sub-grade iron ore, which everyone thought was unusable.

Plants are designed to upgrade the Low-grade Fine size and coarse size range of materials.
This up-gradation is achieving through the use of various process equipment’s.

Following Main equipment’s are in Our Beneficiation Plant:
1. Gravity concentration equipment’s
2. Magnetic Separators
3. Classification equipment’s
4. Sizing equipment’s
5. Dewatering equipment’s
6. Size reduction equipment’s

Our Plants are customized type, before material treating to the Plant feasible studies are carried out in well-equipped Pilot Plant.

Our Pilot Plant

We have set up a pilot plant, with the same equipment as our iron ore beneficiation plant. It is a state-of-the-art testing facility set up to study the characteristics of iron ore sourced from different mines, and improve the iron content through beneficiation. This facility will help us select the appropriate process and equipment to use in the main iron ore beneficiation plant.

Our In-House Laboratory

The sampling and testing processes are carried out at our fully equipped in-house laboratory. The physical and chemical analysis of the iron ore is done with high precision equipment. Our strict diligence to quality has made our iron ore a sought-after commodity in the industry.