Iron Ore

Product Fe Grade range Application Industry
Hematite Lumps(5mm to 20mm) 55% to 63% Sponge Iron Plants
Hematite Lumps(10mm to 40mm) 55% to 63% Blast Furnace Plant
Fines(-10mm) 50% to 63% Steel Plant
Lumps (5mm to 20mm) 62% to below 65% Sponge Iron Plant
Sinter Fines 60% to below 62% and above 62% Sinter Plant
Iron ore Concentrate 60% to below 62% and above 62% Pellet Plant
3-8mm Fines 58% to below 60% Sponge Iron Plant
Tailing Lumps(10-40mm) Steel Plants
Tailing Fines (-10mm) Cement Plants

Stone Quarry

M-Sand Brickwork and Concreting Works
P-Sand Plastering works
5/20 mm High Strength Concreting works RCC
10/20 mm High Strength Concreting works RCC
20/40 mm Concreting PCC
GSB Road Making
Cone Dust Cement Block Making and Filling

Brick Manufacturing Unit

Product Fly Ash Brick
Weight 3.0 KG to 3.45 KG
Size 230mmX110mmX70mm
Compressive Strength 3.0 to 4.5 Kg/Cm2
Colour Red / Brown red
Water Absorption 10.0% to 15.0%
Type Non-Fired and water cured